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Personal Protection

Ensuring your lifestyle doesn’t have to change if you are unable to work

Family Protection

Life Cover

There are three main types of life cover. These are quite different and I can advise you on which type of life cover you need to give you the most appropiate protection.

The types are:

  • Decreasing Life Cover

This is used to protect your dependants from the debt of mortgages and loans. The premium remains the same throughout the term  but the  over reduces as the mortgae or loan is paid off. These are a very cost effective way of limiting your liability but are seen as less cost-effect as the loan or mortgage capital is being paid back. Many people use these policies initially and then teminate then later in the life of the mortgage once the capital left to pay has significantly reduced.

  • Level Life Cover

This is a policy that covers you for the same amount for the entire term of the policy, its normally used for short term needs.

  • Increasing Life Cover

This is where the amount you are covered for increases in line with inflation every year, this is used when you are protecting your income.

Income Protection

An income protection policy pays you a monthly sum each month if you are off work because of sickness or an accident. This policy can start paying out after your off work for 4 weeks or if you have sick pay form work after your sick pay stops. You can choose the amount to be enough to cover your mortgage or enough to cover 50% of your gross annual earnings.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover pays out when you are diagnosed with a serious illness, most providers cover up to 40 different illnesses. This money can then be used to get the best treatment available, to make any lifestyle changes needed, or to help take away the financial pressure from being off work long term.